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Directory of film news articles and press releases.

Write Brothers Releases Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 ....9/19/07
Glendale, CA Write Brothers ( announces the release of
Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 screenwriting software, the ultimate all-in-one industry standard story-writing tool.

Target Presents Tropfest@Tribeca - World's Largest Short Film Festival ....7/18/07
NEW YORK The Tropfest@Tribeca film festival announced today that 16 finalists will be chosen to compete for the Target Filmmaker Award, which includes a cash prize of $10,000 and two round-trip tickets to Australia. Read more...

IndiePix-Backed Film Wins Best Documentary Award ....7/2/07
IndiePix today announced that Billy The Kid, a film by first-time director Jennifer Venditti, was honored with the prestigious Target Documentary Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 28, 2007. Read more...

First All-In-One Preproduction Software ....2/18/07Celtx Logo
Greyfirst Corp. has just released a new version of Celtx (v.0.9.9), the first software to provide all the tools needed for the preproduction of film, video, theater and animation. New features include storyboarding, scheduling and an international stage play editor. Read more...

fox21 and Slamdance Announce Finalists In Teleplay Competition ....12/28/06
Slamdance received over 600 entries for its teleplay competition, which included both one-hour and half-hour dramas and comedies. Slamdance is celebrating its 13th year and has become the pre-eminent film festival. The festival has established a unique reputation for premiering new films by first-time writers and directors who work with limited budgets. Read more...

EBONY Presents Hollywood in Harlem   ....12/26/06
Oscar hopeful & Golden Globe nominee Forest Whitaker and famed casting director Reuben Cannon are among the Hollywood elite that will be honored at the Third Annual EBONY Pre-Oscar Celebration on February 22, 2007. Read More...

Next Generations Announces Film Series ....12/3/06
Next Generations, an organization of children and grandchildren of Holocaust survivors, is pleased to announce its 2006-2007 film series. The organization operates under the aegis of LEAH, the League for Educational Awareness of the Holocaust. Read more...

2007 BlueCat Screenplay Competition Begins ....11/12/06
Hollywood, CA -- We are pleased to announce that the BlueCat Screenplay Competition is open for entries of feature-length screenplays for our ninth year. Every writer who enters the competition will receive a written analysis of his or her screenplay submission.

The ReckoningThe Reckoning  Premieres At Latino Film Festival ....10/12/06
The HollyHood Productions short film, The Reckoning, will premiere this weekend in Bellmore, NY, at the Mezcla Latino International Film Festival (MLIFF). The MLIFF is sponsored by the Mezcla Media Market, Inc., a not-for-profit international Hispanic media organization that showcases and promotes Hispanic artistic and literary work. Read more...

The Crooked EyeFay Masterson Signs On The Crooked Eye ....9/17/06
Fay Masterson  is set to star in D.C. Douglas's experimental film, The Crooked Eye, shooting this fall. Masterson plays both the unreliable narrator and victim in this psychological journey of envy and self-delusion. Read more...

Platinum Studios and NBC 7/39 Launch National Talent Search ....6/26/06
Aspiring writers and artists nationwide are invited to submit their work to Platinum Studios, an entertainment company that controls the world's largest independent library of comic book characters, and NBC 7/39, San Diego's only network-owned and operated television station. Both companies are searching for the hottest comic book concept. Read more...

Film Festival
Film Competition Offers Opportunity To Latino Filmmakers ....5/8/06
HBO and The New York International Latino Film Festival (NYILFF) are announcing an open call for entry for the HBO/NYILFF Short Film Competition. The competition is a partnership between the pay television network and festival to find and showcase a new Latino talent. Read more...

ConsequencesConsequences Wins Independent Film and Video Festival Award ....5/5/06
For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, according to the laws of physics. For five friends, in Stephen Stahl's new film, Consequences , they quickly discover that in life there can be serious and sometimes deadly consequences for bad behavior. Read more...


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