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IndiePix-Backed Film Wins Best Documentary Award
Source: IndiePix
Date: 7/2/07

NEW YORKIndiePix today announced that Billy The Kid, a film by first-time director Jennifer Venditti, was honored with the prestigious Target Documentary Award for Best Documentary Feature at the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 28, 2007.

Funding for Billy The Kid was provided, in part, by IndiePix. Danielle DiGiacomo and Jordan Mattos are associate producers for the film, while Bob Alexander, President of IndiePix, and Barnet Liberman, Chairman, are executive producers.

The IndiePix Exclusive Filmmakers Interview with Director Jennifer Venditti, Producer Chiemi Karasawa and Billy, the actor, can be viewed for free at Billy the Kid is currently doing the festival circuit and is seeking distribution.

"The success of Billy The Kid and the recognition it has earned [are the reasons] why IndiePix exists — to help independent filmmakers make great films and to give film lovers access to works of art that might otherwise go unseen or, worse, never created," said IndiePix President Bob Alexander.

Billy the Kid introduces audiences to Billy P., the remarkable 15-year-old subject of Venditti's engrossing film portrait of life, love and growing up different in small-town Maine. At first, Billy seems like any other awkward teen — into air guitar, professional wrestling and girls. Gradually, however, Billy and his mother reveal to Venditti's empathetic camera a darker history of behavioral problems, institutionalization and medical treatments.

"IndiePix is proud to have provided finishing funds for Billy The Kid and to support it through an incredibly satisfying festival run," said Barnet Liberman, IndiePix Chairman. "We will continue to provide the resources for filmmakers like Jennifer and Chiemi to produce and distribute independent works of art, while offering fans the chance to not only see these films, but to support the filmmakers in the process."

Using the proprietary IndiePix Disc Factory download manager, film fans can download select films from the IndiePix catalog and write their own full-featured, store-bought quality DVD.

IndiePix is the only place to download the equivalent of a store-bought DVD via a Mac or PC. Users get full, home theater quality video and audio that can be played wherever DVDs are usually viewed. And through the IndiePix business model enabled by watermarking, users can be confident that more than half the purchase price of every download is going directly to the filmmaker.

IndiePix also offers traditional shipments of DVDs from its filmmakers and from its curated online catalog of truly independent arthouse, foreign, and documentary films. IndiePix DVDs are available around the world by shipment or through the Internet.

CONTACT: Marvin Mack,, or Drew Tybus,, both of Bratskeir & Company, at 212-679-2233, for

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