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Film News

Write Brothers Releases Movie Magic Screenwriter 6
Source: Write Brothers
Date: 9/19/07

Glendale, CA — Write Brothers ( announces the release of
Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 screenwriting software, the ultimate all-in-one industry standard
story-writing tool.

Movie Magic Screenwriter handles script formats for motion pictures, theater, television, novels, comic books and more. It automatically manages every nuance of specialized formats so the writer can focus on creative content. This new version of Screenwriter, optimized for the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X, includes dozens of new features that make writing and rewriting faster and easier.

"Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 sets a new standard as the most technologically advanced screenwriting software," says Stephen Greenfield, CEO of Write Brothers Inc. "Write Brothers continues its twenty-five year commitment to giving writers unprecedented creative freedom."

Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 Feature Highlights:

  • Integrated outlining lets writers create and manipulate outlines up to 30 levels deep. This new feature overcomes the complex challenges involved in outlining structured documents such as screenplays, stage plays and teleplays.

  • The NaviDoc technology lets writers navigate through their documents with four panels:

    —An Outline panel to add, remove and rearrange outline elements
    —A Scenes panel to navigate and sort scenes at the click of a button
    —A Bookmarks panel to set bookmarks to jump to any place in the document
    —A Notes panel to create and sort color-coded notes and note categories

  • Over 100 instructional, sample and writing templates for screenplays, stage plays, TV shows and comic books

  • Courier MM Screenwriter custom-made font for superior onscreen display and printing

  • Redesigned look and feel optimized for the latest versions of Windows and Mac OS X

  • Comprehensive production script management and breakdown reports

  • Integrated script tagging for export into Movie Magic Scheduling and others

  • New exports to FrameForge 3D Studio, Gorilla Scheduling and
    CompanyMove ShowPlanner

  • Free phone, Internet and email support

Movie Magic Screenwriter 6 will launch September 4, 2007, with an MSRP of $249.95. For complete retail availability, visit

About Write Brothers
Since 1982, Write Brothers Inc. (formerly called Screenplay Systems) has been the world leader in developing software for screenwriting, film & TV production, and creative story development.

Write Brothers is the only company to win an Academy Technical Achievement Award for the development of screenwriting software. Write Brothers' software is sold worldwide and has been used by the industry's most demanding professionals for the development of film and television shows such as the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean, Academy-Award winning Crash, Heroes, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, 24, South Park and thousands more.

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