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Film News

First All-In-One Preproduction SoftwareCeltx Logo
Source: Celtx
Date: 2/18/07

St. John's, Canada —  Greyfirst Corp. has just released a new version of Celtx (v.0.9.9), the first software to provide all the tools needed for the preproduction of film, video, theater and animation. New features include storyboarding, scheduling and an international stage play editor.

Co-Founder Mark Kennedy stated, “The entire media preproduction process is supported in one, open standard software application. Celtx includes features for developing a story, writing an industry-standard screenplay or stage play, completing a breakdown, making a storyboard and scheduling the shoot — all with one tool.”

Celtx also enables people to work collaboratively, allowing media creators to share
projects with team members and to create private worksites on Celtx Project Central.

Celtx is used by independent media makers in over 125 countries. It is the software of
choice for students in over 500 universities and film schools located throughout the
world, and has a rapidly growing user base in Europe, the USA, Australia and South

About Celtx
Celtx is free, open source software and works on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It’s available in 24 languages as a download from

About Greyfirst
Greyfirst is an independent software development company with expertise in RDF database designs and open source software. Using the Mozilla Application Framework, Greyfirst develops core Semantic Web technologies that run on all operating systems. For more information, visit

CONTACT: Sheila Crosbie of Celtx Program Development at 1-888-462-3589

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