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the crooked eye Fay Masterson Signs On The Crooked Eye
Date: 9/17/06

Los Angeles, CA - September 17, 2006 - Fay Masterson is set to star in D.C. Douglas's experimental film, The Crooked Eye, shooting this fall. Masterson plays both the unreliable narrator and victim in this psychological journey of envy and self-delusion. The film will shoot entirely on green screen, with technology similar to Sin City and Sky Captain of Tomorrow . The Crooked Eye will focus on creating the internal reality and emotional landscape of Masterson's character. The film is set for a Spring 2007 release.


Fay Masterson is best known for her work in Eyes Wide Shut and The Man Without A Face. The Crooked Eye also stars Katherine Boecher (Throwing Stars), Joe Duer (People I Know), and D.C. Douglas (The Commission).

D.C. Douglas, a veteran character actor, is best known for his recurring role on the NBC TV show,
Boston Common. He also wrote, directed and edited the film, Duck, Duck, Goose!, which was shown at over twenty film festivals internationally and won several awards, including Best Short Film in the Seattle True Independent Film Festival.

For additional information on The Crooked Eye, please visit or


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