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The Company

In 1999, Eric Bossik, an expert Web designer and marketing professional, founded the media company, PORTABLE SHOPPER, LLC. His goal was to provide instructional content to writers in a user-friendly format.

He joined forces with Screenwriter Glenn Bossik to create, an online screenwriting magazine that shows aspiring screenwriters how to write and sell screenplays to Hollywood.

 The Structure is a unique publication. It combines the three most powerful elements of Internet marketing: content, commerce, and community.

Every week, publishes
valuable content: instructional screenwriting articles, film news articles, and interviews with top film industry professionals. These articles and interviews give writers step-by-step advice for writing and selling
award-winning screenplays.

A powerful new addition to this content stream is's
filmmaking directory, a comprehensive listing of film companies and screenplays. Screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors will find the directory to be an essential, ever-growing resource.'s rapidly growing audience keeps coming back to buy an
ever-increasing list of downloadable
screenwriting exercises from the commerce portion of the Web site. These exercises are easy-to-use instructional guides about plot structure, character development, and dialogue.

In the Yahoo Group, a vibrant online community, aspiring screenwriters regularly discuss plot, character, and dialogue with each other. This Group provides its members with an active message board where they can get feedback on their work.

 The Managers

Eric Bossik, Co-Founder, President, and CEO of PORTABLE SHOPPER, LLC, designed and developed the Web site's unique navigational structure. He also created the filmmaking directory that helps form the core of the site. He earned a B.F.A. at The School Of Visual Arts, where he studied fine art with top commercial illustrators. He has won numerous art competitions and has used his understanding of graphic design to make one of the top screenwriting Web sites on the Internet.

Glenn Bossik, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of, is an experienced screenwriter who worked for Director Alan J. Pakula (i.e., The Pelican Brief) as a script analyst and script doctor. In that capacity, he helped evaluate screenplays being considered for production and assisted in development. At The School Of Visual Arts, he studied with legendary actress Viveca Lindfors. Glenn has helped develop original content for, writing weekly articles for the site, as well as the downloadable screenwriting exercises that comprise the site's proprietary content.

 Press Realeases

Instructional Screenwriting Magazine Creates Blog Network ....7/10/06 Launches Filmmaking Directory ....10/22/05


 Corporate Headquarters

7722 Majestic Palm DR
Boynton Beach, FL 33437



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