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Film News

Consequences Wins Independent Film and Video Festival Award
Source: Stephen StahlConsequences
Date: 5/5/06

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, according to the laws of physics. For five friends, in Stephen Stahl's new film, Consequences, they quickly discover that in life there can be serious and sometimes deadly consequences for bad behavior.

The award-winning director, who made his mark in theater with 150 plays under his belt, is turning his attention to film. Stahl's first film received the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival's Feature Film- Genre Award for Best Thriller at an awards ceremony held in Los Angeles last month. The festival is regarded as one of the leading film events in the world, with entries from a wide range of independent, global filmmakers. Past winning films have included the work of actors such as Jennifer Aniston, Cameron Diaz, Rod Steiger, and Tippi Hedren, among others.

The film was shot in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas of New Hope, Pennsylvania, and Lambertville, New Jersey. With a $2 million budget, which is small by commercial film standards but significant for an independent film, the production quality is "superb," according to Stahl. The film will premiere in New York City on May 5.

"The time was the '80s; the characters shared their love for living, hopes and dreams together. But drugs and alcohol can deceive reality. Their lives over the weekend take a terribly wrong turn, and the larger consequences of the actions are realized," Stahl said.

The stars of Consequences are: Nicolas Joseph Kattar, Adam Ratcliffe, Paul Marron, Michael Tranzilli, and Chris Cannon. The original music was composed and performed by Kenoka Wagner, and the director of photography is Tom Agnello.

Coverage of the screening is invited. It will be held on Friday, May 5, 6:00 p.m., at Village East Cinemas, Screening Room 7, 12th Street and Second Avenue, New York.

For more information on Consequences , including a trailer video clip, visit

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