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Instructional Screenwriting Magazine Creates Blog Network
Delray Beach, FL July 10, 2006, the how-to magazine for screenwriters, today announced the launching of Scriptologist Blogs, the screenwriting magazine's blog network for aspiring filmmakers.

The network gives talented filmmakers and screenwriters a suite of collaborative Web-authoring tools that can help them break into the film industry.

Screenwriting Expo 5
Screenplay Competition To Award Over $100,000 In Prizes
The Screenwriting Expo 5 Screenplay Competition will award more than $100,000 in prizes and produce two shorts, and a comic book and graphic novel for three of its winners.

The Grand Prize Winner receives $20,000 in cash, and Dabel Brothers Productions (DB PRO), a comic book studio, is committing a $50,000 budget to turn the winning Expo screenplay into a comic book series or graphic novel, which will sell in bookstores around the world.

Platinum Studios and NBC 7/39 Launch National Talent Search
Aspiring writers and artists nationwide are invited to submit their work to Platinum Studios, an entertainment company that controls the world's largest independent library of comic book characters, and NBC 7/39, San Diego's only network-owned and operated television station. Both companies are searching for the hottest comic book concept. This search is known as the Comic Book Challenge. The winner's comic concept will be developed for print, online, film and TV.

New and unpublished comic book creators can submit their ideas online at through July 5, 2006. On July 20, the top 50 semi-finalists will pitch their concepts live to a panel of industry insiders.

Daily Screenwriting Tips
Good in a Room: A Guide to Pitching Your Script
Stephanie Palmer

I'm often asked, "What's the right way to pitch an idea?" There aren't any mandatory rules. But the term, pitch , gives the mistaken impression that when the time comes for you to discuss your idea, you're supposed to suddenly start overtly selling the idea to the listener.

A pitch is not a performance. It's a conversation to discover if there's a match between what the listener is looking for and what you have to offer. If you have a meeting with a producer or studio executive to pitch one of your projects, there are important guidelines you should follow when structuring your pitch.

An effective pitch should:

Scriptologist Blogs
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F/X and ellipses ....By Robert T
Reading an exceprt from, "The Illusionist" by Neil Burger in Script Mag. last night I got the feeling that my pages, even thought closer to proper format than not, still don't read like a movie.  I'm being made aware of this the more I read other scripts (usually ones penned by the pros).  And it's frustrating the hell out of me. Read more...   Site feed    Send to a friend

Carolina Screenwriters ....By Angela Oberer
The New Carolina Screenwriters Group will be meeting this coming Monday July 17th from 7:00-9:00pm in the lobby of the theatre (Robinson Hall) at UNCC. It's the first building you see in front of you as you take the main road into campus from Highway 49 (University City Blvd).  Thanks to Mark Pizzato for arranging this meeting place for us.
Site feed   Send to a friend

Water -- A Film That Hits You in the Gut ....By Elaine Radford
Some films have such a powerful social message that it just hits you in the gut. I recently saw Water, a Deepa Mehta Indian film, that's still haunting me. This beautifully filmed movie tells the story of an 8-year-old child, Chuyler, who is sent to live out her life in an ashram (a widows' house) after her husband dies. The story is set in 1938 and exposes the cruelty of a religious practice that ostracized women (and even children), condemning them to a life of social isolation and poverty simply because their husbands' died.
Read more...  Site feed   Send to a friend

Making a start is a hard thing to do ....By Chalkie
Well, I have been researching away, brainstorming some ideas, and I am getting closer to a story idea. My aim is to develop it a little further today, see if I am tangling two different stories and proceed from there. I want to do some character development tomorrow, and have some structure in place so that I might begin on Saturday. And then, it is a race to get 120 pages done in 14 days. Read more...  Site feed   Send to a friend

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I would love to form  an independent film company with those who have the same love and passion  for getting a short film done. If you have the equipment, the love of the arts, and the time to be dedicated to working with a group to make a short film, please email me. I am a writer and have several shorts written. I'm looking for one or two other people who would love to write as well. FYI: Napoleon Dynamite was a six-minute film that was picked up for a feature film. It can be done. Read more...

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