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AAFT (Asian Academy of Film & TV) Imparting education and training in filmmaking and television.

 APA International Film School The Academy of Photogenic Arts International Film School, Australia's
    foremost industry based international film school, was formed in 1985 in order to provide relevant training for
    people wishing to enter the film and television industry

 Department of Entertainment Studies The Art and Business of Film.

 L V Prasad Film & TV Academy A film academy that provides quality education. Located inside a major
    studio in India.


  PCFE Film School A film school located in the Czech Republic.

The International Film Institute of New York The IFI's faculty is comprised of award-winning, industry
    professionals who teach at leading national film schools, including Columbia University and NYU.
  UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television (TFT)   The only university in the country where the study
     of theater, film, television and digital media is integrated within a single professional school.

 USC School of Cinema-Television offers undergraduate and graduate programs in six separate divisions:
    Production, Writing, Critical Studies, Animation, Interactive Media, and the Peter Stark Producing program.


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