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    Screenwriting Competition: screenwriting competitions and screenwriting contests for beginning and
    advanced screenwriters.                               

BlueCat Screenwriting Competition                                                                                  posted 2/21/07
    The BlueCat Screenplay Competition's mission of developing the undiscovered screenwriter continues to reach
    more writers every year. BlueCat has the largest cash prize for a screenplay contest offering feedback to all
    writers. The entry fee is $45. The first prize is $10,000.

2006 Crystal Reel Awards                                                                                                 posted 8/16/06
    Orlando, FL. - The Florida Motion Picture and Television Association (FMPTA) is accepting entries for all
    categories for this year's Crystal Reel Awards (CRA), which will take place on Saturday, November 11th,
    2006 in Orlando, Florida. Entries are limited to work produced in the State of Florida between January 1st
    and December 31st 2005. Entry deadline is Sept 15, 2006.

Producers Want Your Screenplay                                                                                      posted 7/10/06
    Our sponsors are independent film producers seeking scripts to buy and writers to hire. Our goal is to connect
    writers with people who make movies. Feedback on all entries. Top scripts recommended to sponsors.
    Winner is read by ALL sponsors and receives a cash award. Deadline 8/1/06.

ACE Screenplay Contest
ScreenWritersRus is now accepting screenplays for the ACE screenplay contest through September 15, 2005.
    Other ACE contests include the ACE TV Script Contest, the ACE High School Screenwriter Contest and the
    ACE Short Script Contest. Deadlines to enter vary, so check out our website.


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