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Script Writing Services: Script Query letters, typing services, and proofreading services for screenwriters.

10% off Screenplay Consulting Services by Story Sense®
                                              posted 6/11/07
    One of Hollywood's top script doctors, Michael Ray Brown, offers screenwriters creative suggestions and
    practical advice. In his more than 25 years as a professional story analyst with 7 major studios, Michael
    contributed to the development of such films as Lethal Weapon, Braveheart, Red Corner, Contact, Hart's
    War, and many more. Judged the #1 Best Buy by Creative Screenwriting magazine: First rate analysis at a
    cut-rate price. Make your script the best it can be.
    Web site:

Screenplay Consultant                                                                                                         posted 5/11/07
    For the highest quality and most affordable screenplay and treatment notes around, stop by The Script Cafe.
    Many of my clients return with multiple drafts and new screenplays, not only because of the prices, the fast
    turnaround, and the personalized attention, but also because I've helped each one become a much better
    screenwriter. I do that by using my years of experience as a professional television and feature film writer. I
    help writers find real screenwriting solutions for real screenwriting problems.
    If you mention, you'll get 10% off.
    Web site:

Experienced Screenwriter and Development Specialist Available                                   posted 3/22/07
    Serving individual screenwriters, producers and directors, The Coverage Factor is a freelance development
    team that offers feedback, development and re-writing services.
    Web site:

Screenwriter for Hire                                                                                                          posted 2/5/06
    USC Film alum and WGA member with more than 10 years of  experience in film and television available to
    write, rewrite, or  ghostwrite your masterpiece for very reasonable and negotiable rates. Fast and reliable.
    Contact me for a resume.

Hire A Very Experienced Professional Screenwriter                                                       posted 12/28/06
    I can write, re-write or polish your screenplay for you. I am fast. I am good. I am very reasonable. I have had
    some 30 feature-length movies produced from my screenplays. You can see my resume at the following -
    Web site:

You Can Get Published or Produced                                                                                 posted 12/18/06
    Based on 30 years of award-winning screenwriting and writing experience, I can help you take your writing
    idea, whatever it is, to wherever you want it to go. Rates negotiable and fair.
    Web site:

Very Experienced Screenwriter Available                                                                        posted 8/7/06
    Need someone to write your script? I have over thirty produced films to my credit. I can write your script from
    scratch. I can also write your script from your ideas or polish up a script you already have. I am good. I am
    fast. And I am reasonable. Contact me, David A Prior, at:
    Web site:

Experienced Writers Guild Member Available For Your Projects                                  posted 7/10/06
    Are you tired of not being able to find the right person to work on your film projects? Need someone with
    over 10 years of experience? Then look no further. Contact James Hughes today for all your writing needs. I
    can help you with your feature film projects and your short film projects.
    Web site:

Interactive CDs For Screenwriters and Filmmakers
Promote your writing project and showcase your story through the use of audio and video interactive CDs.
    These CDs help raise film funding. The interactive CD that we provide displays the writer's bio/synopsis, a
    full-screen readable and printable version of the script, and an audio or video pitch. The CD also provides link
    buttons to the writer's personal e-mail and Web site. Call or email for a FREE demo CD.
    Web site:


Extreme Screenwriting
    Script reviews from a professional script consultant with over 10 years of experience in the entertainment
    industry. Learn to commercialize a script for a first sale with our CD-ROM.
    Web site:


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