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  Screenwriter Collaboration: Screenwriters or filmmakers looking for collaborators on a project.

Looking For a Co-Writer                                                                                                    posted 10/25/07
     I'm looking for a co-writer to help me develop a pilot/series with sci-fi undertones. I need someone who can
     help me develop the plot.

Screenwriting Help Needed                                                                                                posted 10/25/07
     I'm looking for a good screenwriting teacher who can help me with stories I'd like to adapt into screenplays.
     I'm new to the art of screenwriting, and I'm looking for advice and a possible collaboration. Please send an
     e-mail if your interested in working with me.

Collaborators Wanted                                                                                                         posted 10/25/07
     I'm an optioned screenwriter seeking a writing collaborator for screenplays that are stylistically similar to The
     Usual Suspects. I want to create the next major heist film.

Experienced Screenwriting Partner Wanted                                                                      posted 8/30/07
     I'm an experienced screenwriter, and I?m seeking an experienced collaborator for rewrites of one or more
     screenplays. I'm good with plot structure and concepts, and I hope you can help with comedic material. I also
     have one tight, completed script. I believe a good partnership would help us both thrive.

Experienced Screenwriter Seeks Experienced Collaborator                                          posted 7/30/07
    I'm interested in smart, comedic drama. I'm strong on structure and concepts, and I hope you can help tweak
    my writing. I've taken a dozen classes, read many books, and read about 50 screenplays. I also have one
    tight, complete script (10+ rewrites), and I've worked with a few top-level editors on seven rewrites of two
    screenplays. I believe a good partnership would help us both thrive. I guarantee that I'd be a valuable partner
    for your screenplays, too.

Versatile Screenwriter Seeks Producer                                                                           posted 7/30/07
     If you are a producer seeking a creative screenwriter for multiple projects, e-mail me for a writing sample.

Collaborator Wanted to Help Write Suspense/Thriller                                                   posted 7/2/07
     I'm writing my first screenplay, and I'm looking for a  partner with a strong background in screenwriting. It
     helps if you're  an Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone fan.

Aspiring Writer Seeks Collaborator                                                                                posted 5/29/07
    I'm an aspiring writer, and I'm looking forward to collaborating with an experienced writer or producer. I have
    a very general sense of screenwriting, but there are still some things I would like to learn.

Self-Published Writer/Movie Producer Seeks Partner(s)                                              posted 5/11/07
    Writer/producer with first feature film in production needs partner(s) to collaborate on screenplays in the
    following genres: horror, thriller/suspense, fantasy, drama, and one romantic comedy. I prefer serious writers
    who will sign a contract.
    Web site:

Screenwriter Available for Rewrites and New Screenplays                                          posted 5/11/07
    Screenwriter available. I have optioned screenplays in preproduction. I also enjoy working on all genres,
    including horror, drama, sci-fi, thrillers, crime and comedy.

New Short Film Seeks Crew                                                                                            posted 3/27/07
    If you are available to work on a short film during late summer 2007 in Los Angeles, please contact the
    producer/director using the email provided. It will be a three-day shoot, but the work is for credits only
   (both film and on IMDb). There is currently no pay for these positions.
    Web site:

Aspiring Screenwriter Available                                                                                     posted 3/27/07
    Aspiring screenwriter available to help with screenplays in the following genres: horror and thrillers. I've had
    several option agreements but still no sale. If you need a hand with your screenplay, send me an email.

Screenwriting Partner                                                                                                     posted 3/27/07
    Writer/director seeks screenwriting partner. My goal is to create smart, funny films that are completely original.
    Ideally, you should be skilled at character development and dialogue. I?m an experienced director, producer,
    and writer with several industry contacts, and I?m looking for a partner with whom I can make films.

Screenwriting buddies                                                                                                      posted 2/20/07
     Published author, writing several screenplays, mainly Romantic story title: Le Cafe (The Coffeehouse). If
     you're interested in Romance/Comedies, leave me a brief line.


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