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Monthly articles that analyze the screenplays of award-winning films and provide insights into storytelling trends created by those screenplays.

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Instructional Screenwriting Magazine Creates Blog Network
Delray Beach, FL July 10, 2006, the how-to magazine for screenwriters, today announced the launching of Scriptologist Blogs, the screenwriting magazine's blog network for aspiring filmmakers.

The network gives talented filmmakers and screenwriters a suite of collaborative Web-authoring tools that can help them break into the film industry.

Screenplay Competition To Award Over $100,000 In Prizes Screenwriting Expo 5
The Screenwriting Expo 5 Screenplay Competition will award more than $100,000 in prizes and produce two shorts, and a comic book and graphic novel for three of its winners.

The Grand Prize Winner receives $20,000 in cash, and Dabel Brothers Productions (DB PRO), a comic book studio, is committing a $50,000 budget to turn the winning Expo screenplay into a comic book series or graphic novel, which will sell in bookstores around the world.

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Good in a Room: A Guide to Pitching YourStephanie Palmer Script ...By Stephanie Palmer
I'm often asked, "What's the right way to pitch an idea?" There aren't any mandatory rules. But the term, pitch, gives the mistaken impression that when the time comes for you to discuss your idea, you're supposed to suddenly start overtly selling the idea to the listener. Read more...

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How To Sell Your Screenplay: An Interview With Film Insider Laurie Scheer
Laurie Scheer is a professional script consultant who has worked as a high-levelLaurie Scheer development executive and producer for companies such as Viacom and Showtime, as well as for leading actresses like Meg Ryan.

Laurie knows what producers are looking for and how to pitch screenplays to them. She's a true Hollywood insider who has worked in high-level positions involving the production of network TV and cable TV films, and feature films. She has supervised the development process that brings a script to the screen. Read more...

An Interview With Literary Agent Caren Bohrman recently spoke with Caren Bohrman, one of the most successful and experienced literary agents in the film industry. Her career spans over two decades, and she has helped bring many films from script to screen. Read more...

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Final Destination 3The Screenplay For Final Destination 3
The screenplay for Final Destination 3, a supernatural thriller, uses story elements such as fate and mystery to weave a tale about several teenagers who temporarily escape death.

In the film, high school student Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) convinces several of her schoolmates to leave a roller coaster after she has a premonition about the coaster crashing and killing them.

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