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Pictures Of The Final DestinationFinal Destination 3

By Glenn Bossik 3/14/06

The screenplay for Final Destination 3, a supernatural thriller, uses story elements such as fate and mystery to weave a tale about several teenagers who temporarily escape death.

In the film, high school student Wendy Christensen (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) convinces several of her schoolmates to leave a roller coaster after she has a premonition about the coaster crashing and killing them. The surviving students are then pursued by death and must try to avoid their fate by piecing together clues that are related to Wendy's premonition.

Director James Wong and Producer Glen Morgan co-authored the script for
Final Destination 3 and had the main characters use technology to solve the mystery of the coaster crash. "…we decided to plant clues to how the characters will die in the [digital] photographs that Wendy takes the night of the coaster crash,"says James Wong.

Kevin Fischer (Ryan Merriman), one of the main characters, changes psychologically as a result of the crash. He seeks answers as to why it happened. His quest for answers helps propel the story forward. Ryan Merriman, the actor who plays Kevin in the film, says:
" I'm the one who finds out about the Flight 180 disaster (the opening sequence plane crash from the first Final Destination), which starts the whole ball rolling of Wendy and I trying to interpret the clues in the photos."

When casting for Final Destination 3, James Wong sought out actors who could portray the main characters as heroic people with realistic qualities. Producer Craig Perry echoes that sentiment. "The qualities we were looking for in our two leads were people who had the charisma of movie stars, but weren't so ridiculously rarified that you couldn't feel like you might know them," he says. Ryan Merriman and Mary Elizabeth Winstead had those qualities.

The supporting characters were viewed as equally important and worthy of extra attention. Actor Kris Lemche says that writer/producer Glen Morgan supplied him with information that proved vital to portraying Ian, a character who mentions strange facts in the film. "…I had a line about a concept called paradol, which is this human thing of seeing bizarre and, what we'd interpret as sort of prophetic, images in very simple things…" says Lemche. "…[Glen Morgan] wrote me notes on it [and] gave me Web sites to look at…."

Now that Final Destination 3 is in theaters, audiences will have a chance to see these bizarre and prophetic images.


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