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The Exorcist
William Peter Blatty's screenplay for "The Exorcist" is part of a sub-genre of  horror known as the  religious thriller. Read more...

The Fly
The 1986 remake of the classic horror film, "The Fly," utilizes the idea of a man physically and mentally transforming into a fly over a period of time. This transformation is the result of a scientific experiment gone awry. Read more...

The Comic Book Genre
In recent years, the comic book genre has become popular in the film industry. The character, Blade, from the comic book series, "Tomb of Dracula," was adapted into the films "Blade" and "Blade 2" each of which depicts that character fighting mafia-like vampires. Read more...

Writing A Screenplay For The Comic Book Genre
The current trend in the film industry is to adapt popular comic books into films. Read more..

Writing A Screenplay For The Comedy Genre
A long-standing, continuing trend in comedy films is a storyline based on the antics of dysfunctional people. Read more...


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