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A Nightmare On Elm Street
A Nightmare On Elm Street
Wes Craven's screenplay of  "A Nightmare On Elm Street" uses two major elements from Greek drama: the chorus and the idea of the tragic deed. Read more...

How To Create A Dramatic Plot Structure: A Step-by-Step Guide
Tragedy. Theme. Crisis. Climax. These are the elements that are used to create award-winning screenplays. In's step-by-step plot structure exercise, you will learn how to master these storytelling elements. Read more...

How To Plot A Story Like "8mm"
In the film,"8mm," private investigator Tom Welles (Nicolas Cage) is hired by an old woman named Mrs. Christian (Myra Carter) and her lawyer, Daniel Longdale (Anthony Heald), to determine if an 8mm film owned by her rich, deceased husband, is authentic and depicts the actual murder of a teenage girl. Read more...

The film, "Stigmata," is based on factual elements such as an ancient document called the Gospel of St. Thomas; real-life phenomena known as the stigmata; and the experiences of Padre Pio, a priest who possessed the stigmata, the wounds inflicted upon Christ during the crucifixion. Read more...
The Believers

The Believers
The subject of the film, "The Believers" is a group of wealthy New York City couples who perform human sacrifices as part of black magic rituals. Read more...

The Mothman Prophecies
The Mothman Prophecies
In "The Mothman Prophecies"
the collapse of the bridge overlooking the Ohio River serves as the main prophecy in the screenplay and functions as the climax of the story. R ead more...

The Parallax View The Parallax View
In the film, "The Parallax View" Reporter Joe Frady (Warren Beatty) becomes an archetypal figure known as a patsy--a person who tries to prevent an assassination but is framed as a lone gunman who committed the assassination. Read more...


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