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Blade and Blade2 ....Subject: Genre

In recent years, the comic book genre has become popular in the
film industry.
The character, Blade, from the comic book series, "Tomb of Dracula," was adapted into the films "Blade" and "Blade 2" ( each of which depicts that character fighting mafia-like vampires.

Blade is a comic book hero. And, as such, he wears a uniform and uses his abilities, or powers, to protect mankind against evildoers.

His uniform consists of all black clothing, including a leather trench coat equipped with a sheath for his sword. His abilities include hand-to-hand martial arts combat techniques that utilize sword fighting.

His abilities and choice of uniform stem from the fact that he was born of a woman bitten by a vampire and inherited their strengths.

The idea of a character having special abilities and wearing a uniform symbolizing those abilities can be successfully incorporated into any screenplay, regardless of genre. By doing so, a screenwriter can enhance his story, making his script more dramatic.

To see examples of comic books being adapted into films, visit (

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