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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Launches Filmmaking Directory

Delray Beach, FL October 22, 2005, the how-to magazine for screenwriters, today announced the launching of its filmmaking directory, a comprehensive, categorized list of film companies and screenplays.

The directory is a huge online information resource that enables aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors to quickly and easily find agents, film companies, film publications, and screenplays.

"Anyone who is serious about a career in the film industry will find that the filmmaking directory is an essential daily resource," says Eric Bossik, creator of the directory and
co-founder of's parent company, PORTABLE SHOPPER, LLC.

Glenn Bossik, Editor-in-Chief of, agrees. "The directory helps people develop a plan for breaking into the film industry," he says. "They can use it to find an agent, production company, script consultant, or screenplay."

Established film companies can promote themselves by submitting their Web sites for a listing in the directory, giving them access to a new worldwide audience of people whose main focus is film. is now leveraging the synergistic power of a multifaceted directory and an online magazine containing instructional screenwriting articles, film news articles, and interviews. The combination of a directory and magazine makes the Web site a key gateway to the entire world of film.

About is a film and screenwriting portal that discusses the art and business of screenwriting and provides an easy-to-use filmmaking directory. The portal is owned and operated by PORTABLE SHOPPER, LLC, a media company.

Press Contact:
Glenn Bossik, 561-638-5303

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