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            Contact: Glenn Bossik            13830 Oneida DR APT E2
            Delray Beach, FL 33446
            (561) 499-1617



Massapequa, NY--August 12, 2003-- (, a Web site about the art of screenwriting, debuts on the Internet today.

The site offers news articles about how screenplays are written and how various film crew members interpret screenplays. It also gives site visitors a way to get storytelling advice.

"The purpose of the site is to give people a way to see what the film industry insiders look for when selecting and using a screenplay for production," says Screenwriter Glenn Bossik, founder of

To fulfill that purpose, Glenn organized into several main categories: a magazine, a forum, and a store.

The magazine, Scriptologist Insider, offers articles about screenwriting trends and interviews with film crew members.

The forum, Scriptologist Yahoo Group, consists of an interactive message board through which registered users can exchange ideas about storytelling and network with each other, as well as with other participants in the film industry.

The store, Scriptologist Store, offers script coverage services that help writers obtain written evaluations of their work.

About is a Web site about the art of screenwriting. Glenn Bossik, founder of the site, is an experienced screenwriter who worked for Director Alan J. Pakula (i.e., The Pelican Brief) as a script analyst and script doctor. In that capacity, he helped evaluate screenplays being considered for production and assisted in development. At The School of Visual Arts, he studied with legendary actress Viveca Lindfors.





Contact: Glenn Bossik    13830 Oneida DR APT E2
Delray Beach, FL 33446
(561) 499-1617


Scriptologist Insider:

This is a monthly online magazine offering news articles about storytelling trends in the film industry. Included in the magazine are interviews with film production professionals such as concept artists, cinematographers, directors, editors, production designers, screenwriters, sound designers, and storyboard artists. The articles and interviews are supplemented with daily screenwriting tips. Web site visitors can have the tips emailed to them in the free e-mail newsletter.


Scriptologist Yahoo Group:

This Yahoo Group is an online forum that enables registered users to exchange ideas about the art and business of screenwriting. This group can be accessed from the forum section of and includes a message board, chat room, links page, photo section, text-file section, Web polls section, database, and calendar.


Scriptologist Store:

The store details the screenplay coverage services that sells: Scriptologist Standard      Coverage and Scriptologist Advanced Coverage. Standard coverage provides a summary and critique of the screenplay being evaluated. Advanced coverage provides a summary and critique, as well as recommendations for improvements of that screenplay.




            Contact: Glenn Bossik           13830 Oneida DR APT E2
            Delray Beach, FL 33446
            (561) 499-1617


Glenn Bossik

Screenwriter Glenn Bossik comes from a family of writers. His father, Ray, was an advertising copywriter for over thirty years, and his mother, Elaine, started out as a medical editor and later became a novelist and screenwriter.

At the School of Visual Arts, Glenn studied with Actress Viveca Lindfors, a legend of cinema who appeared in the hit film, "Stargate."

He learned all aspects of filmmaking, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in film production.

From college, he segued into working as a script analyst and script doctor for Director Alan J. Pakula, creator of such films as "All The President's Men," "The Parallax View," "Sophie's Choice," and "The Pelican Brief."



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