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    Screenwriter Collaboration: Screenwriters or filmmakers looking for collaborators on a project.

Screenwriter Seeks Animation Placement                                                                      posted 2/18/07
     Finder's fee available if you can help me obtain a home for a screenplay adaptation of my children's book,
     "A Dolphin's Tale" Please send inquiries.
     Web site:

Seeking Screenwriter to Collaborate on Rewrites/Polishes                                          posted 2/5/06
    I have four screenplays for which I need minor rewriting and  polishing. Upon funding, pay is low-budget union
    scale plus ten percent. I'm looking for screenwriters who can get things done within a three-week time frame.
    If interested, contact me via e-mail.

Looking For Writer In Chicago                                                                                      posted 12/18/06
    I'm a screenwriter in the Chicago area, and I'm looking for a fresh perspective for my ideas. If you are
    interested in writing comedy, give me a shout. I would prefer a Chicagoan with whom I can work closely.

Storyboard Artist Avaliable For Work                                                                             posted 11/23/06
    Hello! Im here to offer my services as a storyboard artist and concept artist. While I have yet to work on a
    film, I have extensive knowledge of sequential art and film techniques through six years of illustrating comic
    books. My past works include writing and illustrating all four issues of my critically acclaimed self-published
    comic, A'pertua, and illustrating the upcoming childrens book Eerey Tocsin in the Cryptoid Zoo, written by
    Silver Bullet Comics reviewer Kevin Noel Olson. I have also penciled various small press comics and have
    done illustrations for an online role-playing game. As for my completion speed, I can usually finish 15-20
    frames page per day, more if a rush job is needed. Samples of my work are available on my website. Please
    feel free to contact me with any questions.
    Web site:

Screenwriter Needed In The Atlanta Area                                                                        posted 9/29/06
     I'm looking for someone who's new and is knowledgeable about the film industry. I have some projects, but I
     need some company. Someone in the Atlanta area would be preferable so we can meet on a weekly basis. If
     you want to make it to Hollywood, this might be OUR chance.

Comedy Writer For Short Animated Pieces                                                                      posted 9/29/06
    I'm looking for a writer or team of writers with an irreverent sense of humor and an incredible ability to
    translate the events of the world around us into unforgettable gags, sketches, and monologues. The screenplays
    are to be produced as a series of short animated bits. They don't have to be serial in nature. At this time, I
    prefer stand-alone bits. This is a commercial effort, so writers will earn a 50/50 split between the writer(s) and
    the animator (me) on any revenue generated from the creations. Distribution of content will be done via a
    Web-based service I'm currently developing, as well as other third-party distribution outlets such as mobile
    phones and perhaps an anthology DVD.
    Web site:

Need A Screenwriting Partner                                                                                           posted 9/12/06
    I'm looking for a writing partner with whom I can collaborate. I have a few projects that I have just started,
    and I believe they'll be very rewarding. I live in the bay area of California.

Screenwriting Partner or Script Doctor Needed                                                                posted 8/24/06
    I have a completed screenplay for which I need help. It has been read/critiqued by an A-list actor and
    producer, and I was told it is a great story. But this person suggested that I get help refining the script. The
    story is a comedy set in the south, and I prefer a partner who understands Southern culture and can write
    comedy. The story has great commercial potential domestically and internationally. I just need help getting the
    screenplay production-ready!

Screenwriter Wanted                                                                                                           posted 7/18/06
    I need a screenwriter who would be interested in converting my political action novel into a screenplay. I want
    someone who would be willing to partner on the project.

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Let's Make A Short Film
                                                                                                   posted 6/24/06
    For those located in up-state New York, I would love to form  an independent film company with those who
    have the same love and passion  for getting a short film done. If you have the equipment, the love of the arts,
    and the time to be dedicated to working with a group to make a short film, please email me. I am a writer and
    have several shorts written. Looking for one or two other persons who would love to write as well. FYI:
    Napoleon Dynamite was a six-minute film that was picked up for a feature film. It can be done.

Screenwriter looking for fellow screenwriter to collaborate                                           posted 6/24/06
    I am a young and aspiring screenwriter who has ideas for several screenplays and is seeking a
    fellow screenwriter, preferably with LA industry contacts (not required). Looking to collaborate.

Rewrite Needed
    I've finished a screenplay dealing with racial drama. I feel it's a good story but could be polished up by
    someone with more experience. I've sent out query letters but feel I need someone with connections who lives
    in the Los Angeles area to snag an agent. Willing to split sales 50/50.

Seeking Talented and Experienced Comedy Co-Writer
If you are experienced with broad comedy screenwriting, are dedicated and sincere, willing to work hard in
    creating great comedy spec scripts, please send me your resume and I will reply. This is NOT a job offereing
    but an opportunity to write with a 12-year comedy writing vet on a 50/50 split.
    Web site:

Screenwriter Needed To Work On Sitcom Project
     I am looking for a screenwtiter to assist me in creating a screenplay for a new sitcom. I have all the stories and
     a direct link to industry in LA.

Horror Writing Partner NY
    I'm seeking a writing partner in the NYC/Long Island area. I'm looking for somebody who is serious about
    trying to write a truly original script. I do have a few contacts. If interested, send me an email. I'm looking for
    somebody who is interested in the horror genre and willing to have fun with it.


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