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Screenwriter Collaboration: Screenwriters or filmmakers looking for collaborators on a project.

Just Getting Started
I'm a 27 year old inspiring screenwriter who is looking for a more advanced writer to help coach or for advice.

Independant Director/Producer
I'm looking for a screenplay to produce and direct. I'm an independent filmmaker. I shoot with Canon XL2
    (24p) and edit with Adobe Premiere Pro. I have everything needed for an independant production but a good

Screenwriter Wanted For Comic Book Adaptation
    Looking for a talented writer to help create a screenplay based on a soon-to-be-published comic book. This is
    a sci-fi/action-adventure story involving time-travel and World War II. No pay at the moment, but if it works
    out, this project could be very lucrative for all involved. If interested, please send an e-mail message. Please
    use the word, screenwriter, in the subject line of your e-mail.

ATTENTION - Short Film Script Writers
    Let's network. Exchange feedback and circulate available contests for short film scripts. Willing to trade
    feedback for feedback or collaborate on a new idea. Features also welcome but with a focus on making a sale
    not a pipedream.

Seeking Partner/Collaborater
I'm an aspiring screenwriter seeking someone with whom I can work on story ideas, plot structure, and
    screenplay scenes. I'm looking forward to hearing you.

Living My Dream
    I am an aspiring screenwriting who needs a partner to collaborate with on new ideas and existing projects.
    I write in all genres and have 5 screenplays underway. I live in Atlanta, GA.

Screenwriter Wanted
Desperate Vision is looking for a scriptwriter to collaborate on an animated feature entitled George Bush in
   Outer Space. Treatment and character development have already been completed, so what we require is
    someone to help flesh the script out. Because the project is still in the planning stage, and there are no funds
    yet available, payment for everyone involved is, at the moment, 100% deferred. If you're a like-minded
    individual who can visualise a cerebral action comedy set in space, and who sees him / herself as a workaholic,
    then what are you waiting for? Send your CV and a sample script (no more than 5 pages) to the email below.

Horror Book Author Seeks Movie Producer For Collaboration
I am a published author seeking an interested sci-fi/horror producer to colloborate with me on adapting my
    published book into a film. I live in Georgia and can correspond via e-mail or telephone.
Web site:

Comedy Action Screenwriter Looking for Writing Partner
I'm a screenwriter who does best with high concept family comedies. I'm placing this ad because I hope to find
    a writer who enjoys telling somewhat off-beat, slightly dark, but commercial films. If you have samples of your
    work, and excel in this genre, please drop me a line and tell me about yourself.

Collaborators needed for An Epic Script
The Script will be heavy on the Sci-fic/Horror genre, revolving around a love triangle and the quest of the
    members of that triangle to avert the manifestations of Armaggedon, while fighting to overcome the evils of
    their hearts and revealing the mystery behind its darkness.

Looking for screenwriting partner
I'm looking for a screenwriting partner for collaboration on a single project or multiple projects. I would prefer
    to work with the same person on multiple projects ranging from horror, to comedy, to dramatic pieces. I am
    an unpublished writer, but I have been writing on my own for almost 5 years. Your location doesn't matter, but
    for the record, I live in S. CA.

Vampire Film writer looking for collaborator with strong dialogue skills.
I'm looking for someone to help me flesh out my screenplay with a strong sense for good dialogue. The film is
    part-written already but is mostly plot with poor dialogue

Friendly, supportive scriptwriting group in Vancouver
We've been meeting twice a month the past 2 years in downtown Vancouver. We receive members' scripts
    one week, read them and discuss them in two weeks.

    I am a budding screenwriter looking for a partner of either sex to develop and write comedies or horror. I'm in
    it for fun, but also money so please serious inquiries only.

Need creative partner
I am a beginning Screenwriter living in Fort Collins, CO who is looking for a screenwriting partner, Must be a
    film buff and into science fiction, horror and offbeat comedy, being a hardworker is essential as is having a
    sense of humour. I have five feature length film scripts and one 3 part mini series. I am looking for someone
    who can collaborate with me on existing scripts (mine or yours) as well as new stories. Thanks for reading my
    ad and I look forward to hearing from you.


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