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Gilgamesh... Screenplay By  Nicholas Motzkus  

In the year 2003 scientists discovered that the red sea urchin is immune to the effects of aging. Dr. Michio Kaku of The Science Channel has said we will someday use the creature to cure degenerative aging forever. In the year 2027,immortality has become a serious possibility.



Imagine if the ancient gods of India weren't a myth at all. In this mystery, explorers from another galaxy propel our heroine, Sati Kali-Ma, from a far galaxy to the streets of New York City and then to a mist-shrouded island in the Indian Ocean. Aided by her startling galactic powers and a courageous boy, she battles mutant jungle creatures and challenges a vengeance-crazed villain whose fierce demon army threatens her life and her quest to find a way home.



Adamu ...Screenplay by Robert J. Napier 

Two planet hunters encounter a strange anomoly which wreaks havoc with the Earth and wisks them away to the outer reaches of the Solar System. Upon returning to Earth they come face to face with mankind's ancient past.



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