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    How to Post a Logline?

  • Electronic Submissions: You can make a payment for a logline through PayPal or via regular mail . Make a payment online by clicking on the buy buttons for the appropriate duration you would like the logline to run
    (6 Months for $25 or 1 Year for $40). Your logline will be posted within 24 hours once we recieve payment.

    Logline Service
    Post Your Logline NOW!


  • Regular Mail: You can send a check or money order via regular mail to post a logline. The check or money order must be made payable to PORTABLE SHOPPER, LLC and must be for the amount of time you would like your logline to be posted: 6 months for $25 or 1 year for $40. Include your typewritten logline and the appropriate forms filled out with your payment, and send it to the following mailing address:

    7722 Majestic Palm DR
    Boynton Beach, FL 33437                             
    Click Here >   

    Once we recieve your payment for a Logline, it will take up to
    24 hours for the logline to appear. We will notify you via e-mail when it is posted.

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