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Tommy, an 11-year-old boy, accompanies a noble horse, a cowardly dog, and a mysterious parrot in a struggle to save the life of a beautiful girl named Kay. Together, they learn the meaning of true friendship, teamwork, and love. "Kay" is a dramatic adventure for children and all members of the family. It's a story within a story, and it's available as a book and a screenplay.



Finders Keepers ...Screenplay by Bill Simms 

Professional bank robber Angel Gonzalez finds a winning lottery ticket but must fight the local district attorney for the right to claim the huge lottery prize.


Act 1; Scene 1;  ...Screenplay by Stephen Madaras  

This adventure, addressing man's greatest global failure, the education of the world's children, experiences a turn of fate, which has leaders of the world waiting for the results of voting in the United Nations.



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