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Writing A Script Treatment 2/11/06
I'm a novice writer and would like to know the difference between a synopsis and a treatment. Are there a specific number of pages that should be in a treatment for a film? —Galen McGriff

Glenn Bossik, Editor-in-Chief:
A synopsis describes each of the scenes in a screenplay. Think of a synopsis as a story outline. A treatment for a spec script should summarize and dramatize the script, using dialogue and descriptions to describe the beginning, middle, and end of the story. The treatment can be up to seven pages long. But it's usually about four pages. It's similar to a short story.

Selling A Script
I have just written my first screenplay and, as I live in Australia, I would like the film to be made in Australia. The trouble is that the amount of money available in my country is very limited. Should I remain loyal to the Australian film industry or go for the big bucks in America?

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