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Selling A Script 1/17/06
I have just written my first screenplay and, as I live in Australia, I would like the film to be made in Australia. The trouble is that the amount of money available in my country is very limited. Should I remain loyal to the Australian film industry or go for the big bucks in America?
ŚMichael M. Moore
Queensland, Australia

Glenn Bossik, Editor-in-Chief: That's a great question, Michael. If the action in your screenplay is set in Australia, you'll have the best chance of selling your script there. However, if your story uses characters who could be from any country in the world, you can increase your odds of success by pitching your script to producers and directors in many countries, including the United States. But don't forget about great Australian directors such as Peter Weir (Gallipoli) and George Miller (Mad Max).

Writing A Script Treatment
I'm a novice writer and would like to know the difference between a synopsis and a treatment. Are there a specific number of pages that should be in a treatment for a film?

Writing A Script Treatment
My Screenplay Is Done. Now What?

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