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This is the directory of screenwriting and filmmaking questions from our Site visitors.
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My Screenplay Is Done. Now What?

What advice would you give to a new screenwriter like me. I've completed the second draft of my feature length screenplay, and I'd like to get it into the hands of people who can point me in the right direction.


I am writing a screenplay in which there are many Kung Fu scenes. Obviously I don't know Kung Fu. so how can I write the fight scenes for my screenplay? Thanks. Read more...

Scenes About Music

I'm writing a screenplay that combines two different types of music country and alternative. I'm not musical in any way, though. I don't play an instrument, and I sure don't sing. I know that in my script there are going to be musical beats and tempos, but I'm not sure how to describe them on paper. Read more...

Animated Film

I have an idea for a children's animated show, and I'm writing freely and having a blast creating characters, stories, struggles, successes, etc. But I am not a screenwriter yet. How much should I write until I search for help from a talented writer? Where would I take what I have written? Read more...


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