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TECHQUA IKACHI Aboriginal Warning (2006) is dedicated to Hopi elders.

 Texas Screenwriters Blog The place where film students, film instructors, seasoned screenwriters or just
     anyone interested in writing can meet to discuss all aspects of the screenwriting process.

 The HAUNTED One A screenwriter with a blog about his haunting stories.

 The Mind of a Madman I am currently finishing up my first revision to my feature-length screenplay.

 THE STARCHILD--A JOURNEY FROM WRITING INTO SCRIPT This blog will begin to chronicle
     what I've been doing with this newly minted idea of mine.

 The 2nd Annual Indie Gathering Film Festival Catch The Jay Rossi Project crew doing their thing here!

  The Official Blog of the Unaccomplished Jeremy Byington  Shooting documentaries.

 The Walled City A portrailial of my work and discussion of screenplay writing in general.

 Tommymommywrites An actor streches his creativity into the act of writing scripts.

 Top Abbott's Ultimate Showdown Debate and brainstorm about what movies could and should be!

 Trog Blog The trials and tribulations of a sad old goth venturing forth in scriptwriting.


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