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View Cart's 6- page screenwriting exercise,"How To Write A Religious Thriller!", is an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide that provides categorized lists of storytelling questions.

These questions can help you understand exactly how screenplays for hit films
such as "The Exorcist" and "The Omen" were written.

Just answer the questions, and you'll end up with a great screenplay.

This screenwriting exercise is only $5 and can be purchased immediately
as a printable Web page on You will also have 30 days of online access to this exercise.

Read the articles upon which this screenwriting exercise is based: "Stigmata," "The Believers ," "The Omen ," and " The Exorcist"


Films such as "Stigmata," The Believers," "The Omen," and "The Exorcist" are part of a sub-genre known as the religious thriller.

In this sub-genre, an innocent person, someone who is kind in nature, is attacked by or possessed by a religious leader, spirit, angel, or demon. This person is also entrapped in a battle between two opposing forces--usually a protagonist and an antagonist.

Answer the questions in this screenwriting exercise to write a screenplay utilizing the elements that shape the films in this sub-genre.

Subject: In "Stigmata," a religious object serves as the subject of the story. The object is a necklace of rosary beads that belongs to a deceased priest named Father Alameida. The necklace is given to an atheistic woman hairdresser named Frankie Paige, and the spirit of Alameida, a religious leader, then passes from the necklace into Frankie, possessing her and causing her to reveal the secrets of the Gospel of St. Thomas, the ancient document Alameida had been translating prior to his death.


What type of religious object is responsible for paranormal religious phenomena in your screenplay? Describe this object, its history, and its relationship to a religious leader, spirit, angel, or demon.


Who discovers this object?


What type of inciting incident makes the protagonist (the hero) investigate this object?


When--at what point during the protagonist's investigation--does he find that the object responsible for the paranormal religious phenomena is related in some way to a religious leader, spirit, angel, or demon?


Where is this object discovered? Describe the geographic location where the discovery is made and the reason(s) why the object is found there.


Why does the object induce visions or spiritual possession in an innocent person?


End of Excerpt


The full exercise is only $5 and you will get instant access to it as a downloadable Adobe PDF file.
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