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Screenplays Wanted: Literary agencies, film production companies, and theatrical production companies looking for screenplays, plays, or novels.                                                               

Screenwriter Wanted For Fantasy
                                                                                  posted 10/25/07
     I'm seeking a screenwriting partner for a fantasy book-to-film adaptation. I have the option rights to a
     children's fantasy book, and I need a talented screenwriter to adapt the author's ideas for the screen.

Short Screenplay Needed                                                                                                  posted 9/28/07
     A screenplay is needed for a film by college filmmakers. The film will be approximately 30-50 minutes in
     length and can be categorized as being in the crime genre. Very little experience is necessary, and there is
     potential pay. Please contact for more information.

JERKfilms Seeks Feature-Length Screenplays                                                               posted 7/2/07
     We're seeking screenplays in genres such as neo-noir, crime, and  comedy. The story should be
     character-driven, fast, and humorous. It  should also include drugs, guns, and a little bit of romance. The lead
     characters should be between 25 and 45 years of age. Please submit  your synopses via e-mail as a PDF or
     Word file.
     Web site:

Writer Wanted For Indie Comedy                                                                                     posted 7/2/07
     Older writer wanted for baby boomer indie comedy. It's a  cross between "Little Miss Sunshine" and "The Big
     Chill". I've worked as a  producer/director/editor in one-hour dramas, and I want to make my  first feature
     film. Send your bio and we'll talk.

Low-Budget Screenplay Wanted                                                                                      posted 5/29/07
    Seeking a quality screenplay with minimum sets and characters for a film that will be shot later in 2007 on a
    shoestring budget (50k). Professional actors and crew will be used. Funding is in place.

Seeking Script Treatments                                                                                               posted 2/18/07
     Marlly Pictures is currently accepting feature film treatments and short film treatments. If we are interested, we
     will request a full-length screenplay. Please specify if the treatment is for a feature film or a short film. No file
     attachments please.

Send Us Your Screenplays For Coverage!                                                                      posted 12/18/06
    Epiphany Pictures is actively seeking out new screenplays (esp. feature drama and comedy scripts). Please
    email a Final Draft file or PDF of your best script. We will provide coverage and feedback for you. Good
    luck, and we hope to make your script into a visual reality!
    Web site:

Talented Screenwriter Needed For Animated Film                                                        posted 11/7/06
    The film will be targeted at a young age group (8-16), so it must be clean. The writer must have a talent for
    writing bitingly sarcastic dialogue. Understanding of the computer animation process is a plus. Most
    importantly, the writer must have a quick turnaround time for the first draft!
    Visit our Web site to get a sense of   the project.
    Web site:

Animation Studio Seeks Screenplay                                                                                posted 9/29/06
     We are looking for a screenplay for an animated children's show. We're open to ideas, but it should
     approximate a TV pilot that is 30 minutes in length. Story and characters should be such that they can be
     carried throughout a series. Scripts can be mailed to:
     Creative Industries & Technology, PO Box 7400, Tempe, AZ 85281
     Web site:

Seeking Talented Collaborators To Rewrite Feature Film                                            posted 8/7/06
    We're seeking a talented writer or team of writers to combine great action with witty dialogue. Please contact
     me for more details and to request a current copy of the feature film script. The project is tentatively scheduled
     to begin shooting in late August.
     Web site:

Seeking Interns & Writers                                                                                               posted 8/1/06
    We are an independent film company based in Detroit, MI, and we're seeking someone who can re-work the
    plot structure for our screenplays. All our films have major distribution, and this can be great exposure for you
    in the film industry. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Web site:

Screenwriter Wanted                                                                                                           posted 6/24/06
    Screenwriter wanted for revising a University of Miami graduate student thesis screenplay. This is s a non-paid
    job (due to the small budget we have) but credit and a copy of the film will be provided to the writer. We are
    looking for somebody who can write mostly for the psychological thriller genre and is skilled at developing

Screenplay for Short Film Project
    Independent film director looking for screenplay for short film. Small budget, minimal locations. Genres
    preferred: Drama, comedy, thriller, suspense, or mystery. Serious screenwriters need only inquire. Due in
    4 months. Please contact for further information.
    Web site:


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