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Write With The Tools Of Hollywood Pros                                                                          posted 11/7/06
    Now, in Australia, WSAI is offering Australian writers the chance to learn the art of Hollywood screenwriting.
    The course modules are focused squarely on teaching you advanced screenwriting methods, advanced script
    editing techniques, and the tools for creating and marketing your AFI or Oscar-winning screenplay. We'll even
    help you sell it. If it's really great, we may even produce it! Group classes and one-on-one coaching available.
    Contact Michael in Melbourne at:
Phone: 041 635 7284

Screenwriter Coach Services
If you are experiencing fear of failure or success or are struggling with poor motivation and are afraid to take
    risks with your writing, than my individual telephone coaching services may be just the thing that could pull you
    out of the rut you are in. Contact Lisa for a complimentary consultation. Fees available upon request.
    Web site:


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