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Christian Screenwriters Network of Texas                                                                      posted 7/2/07
     We are seeking Christian screenwriters who are interested in networking and learning the craft of
     screenwriting, as well as breaking into the film industry. We can meet monthly in the Austin, Dallas and
     Houston areas. We are not interested in having religious, legalistic members who want to write boring Biblical
     movies. Instead, we are looking for those who will write with creativity, humor and ingenuity, while at the
     same time sharing the moral values of Scripture. All genres welcome. You must be willing to have screenplays
     critiqued heavily by other members without getting defensive.

Are You an Aspiring Screenwriter?                                                                                  posted 5/29/07
    The New York Script Club was created to help people work together on screenplays while learning about the
    film industry.
    Web site:

American Screenwriters Association
Join the largest not for profit writer's organization designed to educate writers in how to write and sell their
    Web site:

Check out our free screenwriters group with over 800 members and growing. Daily job posts, screenwriting
    articles, and a great networking opportunity. Come and enjoy your stay.
    Web site:


A Screenwriter's Haven
Welcome to "A Screenwriter's Haven." A Community of Film and TV Screenwriters banding together and
    taking the Entertainment Industry by Storm! So, no matter what level of expertise you have as a Film/TV
    screenwriter (i.e, beginning, intermediate, or advanced), if you are serious about screenwriting, then this is the
    place for you! At "A Screenwriter's Haven," we place great emphasis on educating, motivating, and supporting
    our members! So come join our ever-expanding screenwriting crew, and network with others also working
    within the Industry! Here At "A Screenwriter's Haven" We Promote Growth, Support, and Creativity in
    Web site:

Birmingham Words: Community for Creative Writing and Creative Reading.
    Birmingham Words is a friendly online community of readers and writers. We have forums, online writing, a
    quarterly magazine and much more. We are based in Birmingham, UK, but have visitors from all around the
    world. Come and visit us and get involved. We are currently looking for submissions of poetry, reviews, fiction
    and essays for the magazine...
    Web site:

Friendly, supportive scriptwriting group in Vancouver
We've been meeting twice a month the past 2 years in downtown Vancouver. We receive members' scripts
    one week, read them and discuss them in two weeks.

Screenwriting Group - Manhattan
    I am a professional screenwriter hoping to find 6-10 other screenwriters to form a new group here in
    Manhattan where your writing will be examined and discussed constructively, and where the nature of the
    current marketplace will be considered as well. For more information, e-mail me.


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