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e-mail newsletter. is the leading instructional film and screenwriting portal. Our Web site offers an irresistible combination of three essential elements:

  • Content: Hundreds of pages of instructional screenwriting articles, press releases, classified ads, and directory pages.

  • Commerce: An online store with published screenplays and screenwriting exercises.

  • Community: An active, exciting community of film enthusiasts who use our message boards and blog network. features these major Web site components in its e-mail newsletter, giving our subscribers an exciting snapshot of new information.

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We publish an HTML newsletter that can enable you to reach thousands of aspiring screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors. We’ve built a high-quality e-mail list, and our subscribers want what you sell.

Each e-mail newsletter contains several sections:

  • Featured Article (Section 1):  An article about the screenplay of a popular film.
  • Letters to the Editor (Section 2): Letters from our readers and our responses.
  • Classified Ads (Section 3): Classified ads from our site visitors.
  • Blog Abstracts (Section 4): Postings from our bloggers.

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Please submit a banner measuring 468 x 60. To help emphasize the importance of your message for our subscribers, we will label your ad as a screenwriting resource or filmmaking resource.


There are three available ad space positions per newsletter issue. Each position is sold on a first-come first-serve basis and costs $200.

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