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Script Treatment: Writing A Script Treatment

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It is useful to write a script treatment before writing a screenplay. The treatment provides a rough overview of the screenplay and is stylistically similar to a short story.

A treatment is usually several pages long and describes the main action sequences. Brief lines of dialogue can be included in these sequences to emphasize key moments of action.

When outlining your treatment, list and describe the most important elements of your story:

  1. The main conflict.
  2. The person, place, or thing that is the subject of your story.
  3. Each action sequence.
  4. The main characters.
  5. The climax, which is the confrontation between the hero and the villain.
  6. The resolution of the main conflict.

Define the main conflict by asking yourself why your hero and villain fight with each other.


Define the subject of your story by asking yourself whether the main characters in your story experience conflict as a result of a person, place, or thing.

Define each main action sequence by describing the action that takes place, the location of the action, the characters involved, and the conflict.

    Define the main characters by describing their physical appearance,
    the way they interact with other characters, the role they play in
    the story, and their family history.

    Define the climax by describing the action sequence in which your
    hero and villain have a final confrontation with each other. The
    confrontation can be a physical and/or verbal battle.

    Define the resolution by describing what happens to your main
    characters after the climax.

    Writing a comprehensive script treatment can help you outline your
    screenplay. This outline will serve as a guide as you
    write the scenes
    in your screenplay.



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