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Creating A Fast-Paced ScriptCellular

The film, Cellular, creates a fast pace by weaving a story around characters who must complete specific tasks and overcome obstacles within a limited period of time.

In the film, a young man named Ryan receives a phone call on his cell phone from Jessica Martin, a woman who has been kidnapped and imprisoned in an attic. Jessica salvages a broken phone in the attic and calls for help, reaching Ryan on his cell phone.

Ryan must find Jessica before the kidnappers kill her and before his cell phone battery dies.

While trying to find her, Ryan tries to prevent her husband and son from being kidnapped by her abductors. Ryan's efforts are repeatedly thwarted by the abductors, a group of corrupt cops.


To create a fast-paced screenplay, ask yourself several questions:

1. Who is the hero of your story? This person takes heroic actions to save an
    innocent person from becoming the victim of a crime. Choose a character
    who has the skills needed to save the victim.

2. What does your hero do to save the victim or prevent a disaster?

3. When does the hero realize he must break the law in order to save
    someone's life or prevent a disaster?

4. Where does the hero finally save the victim and defeat the villain? Where
    does the final confrontation take place?

5. Why is the hero able to defeat the villain? Does he have special abilities?
    Does the hero have a time limit in which to prevent a disaster or save a



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