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Screenplay Outline: How To Outline Your Screenplay

Outlining Scenes For Your Screenplay

Aspiring screenwriters eventually learn that great screenplays contain well-developed plots. Outlining each scene in your script is the key to creating a good plot structure .

Before doing scene outlines, write a script treatment, which is a summary of your screenplay. This summary is similar to a short story and will help you determine the subject of your script, the characters who will be included, and a general description of the action sequences.

After completing your treatment, list the following elements
for each scene in your script:


1.   The location where the scene takes place.

2.  The main characters who are involved.

3.  A summary of the action that takes place.

4.   A description of the main conflict in the scene.

By predetermining the action, characters, conflict, and location of
each scene, you will be able to write your screenplay quickly and avoid writer's block.

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