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Creating Action In Your Screenplay

For screenwriters, it's extremely challenging to create a series of  logical and compelling actions for characters in a screenplay. It's easy to reach an impasse where you can't decide what the protagonist (hero) in your story should do next.

Fortunately, the solution to this problem involves using information that is easy to gather: your protagonist's goal. To determine what his goal will
be, ask yourself what he wants to do, get, or achieve. You should ask this question while writing a character biography about him.

Once you have defined your main character's goal, you can map out a series of actions he must take to achieve that goal. Keep in mind that the antagonist (villain) in your screenplay will create obstacles for your hero.


Your hero will then try to overcome those obstacles by taking actions that utilize whatever skills he has acquired throughout his life. If you have written a thorough character biography of your hero, you will have a list of his skills.

By writing a character biography about the villain in your script, you will know what obstacles he could create for your hero. The villain also has a main goal and a set of skills he can use to achieve that goal.

When listing all the scenes in your screenplay, decide what your hero's goal will be, what actions he will take to achieve that goal, and what actions he will take to overcome obstacles created by the villain.

These writing techniques will help you
structure the plot of your script quickly and easily.



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