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Screenwriting Experts To Appear At Show Biz Expo

By Glenn Bossik
January 26, 2004

On March 3-6, 2004, at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City, highly-acclaimed script consultants Syd Field and Laurie Scheer will appear at the Show Biz Expo (, an annual entertainment industry gathering that includes meetings about the technical and artistic aspects of film and video production.

The meetings will consist of special events, conferences, summits, and an expo showcasing products used for film and video production and postproduction.

At the Expo, Laurie Scheer, a script consultant who has worked as a development executive and producer, will conduct the
"The Scriptwriter's Walk-In Pitchfest," a special event in which she will deliver a keynote speech and conduct a "Pitchfest."

Her speech is entitled, "What Producers Are Looking For."

The Pitchfest will show writers how to present screenplays to producers.

"The Scriptwriter's Walk-In Pitchfest" will take place on Thursday, March 4, 2004, from 4:00pm-7:00pm and is free to attendees.

Also appearing at the Show Biz Expo will be Syd Field, a script consultant who has written several popular books about screenwriting.

Field will conduct a six-hour conference entitled,
"Syd Field's Screenwriting Masterclass."

His conference will take place on Saturday, March 6, 2004 and will be segmented into several classes about screenwriting:

  • Structure and Time
  • Character and the Nature of Conflict
  • Designing the Screenplay
  • The Function of Dialogue

"Structure and Time" will describe the role played by time in plot structure.

"Character and the Nature of Conflict" will show how conflict can be used for character development.

"Designing the Screenplay" will describe ways of planning a screenplay by breaking it down into units of action.

"The Function of Dialogue" will show how dialogue can function as an integral part of plot structure.

"Syd Field's Screenwriting Masterclass" will be one of several technical conferences at the Show Biz Expo.

The other conferences will include:

  • After Effects Users Conference
  • The Camera In Action Workshop
  • Making Great Corporate Videos Workshop
  • The Director's Masterclass
  • DVD Authoring Killer Tips Workshop
  • Digital Video Production Bootcamp
  • Final Cut Pro Users Conference
  • Hi-Def Production Workshop
  • Lighting Masterclass
  • Video Delivery: DVD and Beyond Forum

Conference tickets can be purchased in the form of 1-day, 2-day, 3-day, or 4-day passes in the registration section of

The Show Biz Expo summits consist of seven presentations about film and video production and postproduction, and include a reception that will allow attendees, speakers, and vendors to network with each other.

The summit presentations include:

  • NY Commercial Production Summit
  • NY Broadcasting Summit
  • Corporate Digital Media Summit
  • Film Funding Summit
  • NY Event Videographers' Summit
  • The Workshop Production Summit
  • Digital Media Educators' Summit
  • NY Filmmakers' Summit

The summit presentations are free to attendees but require registration.

expo portion of Show Biz Expo is also free to attendees and will showcase film and video production and postproduction equipment from a variety of vendors.


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