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I Wake Up ScreeningI Wake Up Screening
Source: Watson-Guptill Publications

I Wake Up Screening, a new non-fiction book, shows independent filmmakers what to do once their film has been made. Film industry insiders John Anderson and Laura Kim co-authored the book and infused it with unique insights from top film industry executives, critics, and filmmakers.

"The explosion of independent cinema over the past fifteen years has created thousands of would-be filmmakers, all working hard, making thousands of independent films.," says John Anderson.

Laura Kim agrees and adds: "In our book, I Wake Up Screening, we tell these filmmakers how to get their films talked about, written about, sold and seen."

In the book, Anderson and Kim explain how to get independent films evaluated, how to put together the perfect team, how to deal with the media, how to navigate the festival circuit, and how to win friends and influence people.

The authors' advice is supported by interviews with more than sixty top film industry insiders.

About The Authors
John Anderson's reviews and features appear regularly in Newsday, Variety, and The New York Times. He has also contributed to The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Times Magazine, and the Christian Science Monitor. He is a past member of the selection committee of the New York Film Festival and also a member and two-time past chair of the New York Film Critics Circle.

Laura Kim is currently executive vice-president of marketing and publicity for Warner Independent Pictures. She previously served as senior vice president for specialty firm mPRm Public Relations. She has worked on such films as Good Night and Good Luck, March of the Penguins, Before Sunset, American Splendor and In the Bedroom.

For more information, contact
Nicole Miller, Watson-Guptill Publications,
Phone: 646-654-5454
Fax: 646-654-5486


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