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Date: 8/18/05

Steve Vitelli and Greg Vandzura started putting their film script, The Valet, on paper, they had high hopes of fame and fortune. They wanted it to be a big-screen success.

Before too long, however, they realized they were in a catch 22. "We don't have an agent," says Vitelli.

Thus, Vitelli (a.k.a. "V") and Vandzura (a.k.a. "Greggie") need the public's help to get attention and support for their screenplay. Their Web site,, serves as a means of getting publicity for the script.

To help create the buzz they need, Vitelli and Vandzura have launched a free online casting directory on their Web site.  Actors, models, dancers, and public citizens who are interested in appearing in the film can register by posting their
personal profile and photo on the site. "We'll be choosing 100 people for small parts in the film, and we'll need tons of extras," says Vitelli.

The Valet is the first screenplay written by Vitelli and Vandzura. Since then, they have written four more screenplays and are working on their fifth. "The film is set in and around the great city of Philadelphia, which will be beneficial to all local businesses such as catering, hotels, and night life, as well as any local film production staff," says Vitelli.

Once enough exposure has been generated, Vitelli and Vandzura would like to promote as a resource for writers, actors, agents, and producers. "We would like writers to post their screenplays and filmmakers to post their film trailers. Web site visitors can give feedback, and that will help generate publicity," says Vitelli.

Vitelli and Vandzura feel that if they can establish a forum that will benefit everyone in the film industry, they can help keep the industry in tune with its target audience. All visitors to are invited to read the screenplay, The Valet, and post comments .

For more information about The Valet, contact Steve Vitelli at 610-306-1700


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