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LitCentral Film Edition Can Help Hollywood
Date: 10/17/06

Hollywood, CA October 17, 2006 LitCentral ( ) today introduced LitCentral Film Edition, a groundbreaking Web and desktop-based screenplay management system that streamlines the script selection and management process by making it easier for writers, agencies, production companies, and studios to work through a single system.

Developed specifically for the film industry, LitCentral Film Edition provides a first-of-its-kind screenplay grading system that standardizes script coverage, offers easy graphical comparisons between screenplays, and manages the workflow of the script development process.


How LitCentral Film Edition Works

The unique patent-pending LitCentral script grading system analyzes over 20 elements of a screenplay. LitCentral's coverage analysis is based on a grading method currently used by academia particularly liberal arts programs.

LitCentral CEO and screenwriter Robin Hillary says: "Script coverage today is wildly inconsistent from reader to reader. By the time a script reaches the studio, it can have 20 different coverage reports attached with 20 different opinions. By creating a system that can quantify the subjective feedback, LitCentral reduces the high risk associated with selecting the scripts that are given the green light."

LitCentral grading results can be viewed graphically for rapid visual and statistical analysis of each screenplay. Coverage by multiple readers can be compared through the use of statistical data generated from reports. Screenplays can be archived by genre and lead character, as well as by more advanced options such as premise, protagonist and inciting incident.


LitCentral Film Edition can be used on any desktop computer or tablet PC and supports both Windows and Apple Macintosh operating systems. LitCentral Film Edition will be available in the fourth quarter of 2006. A future edition for the television industry will be available in early 2007.

To order LitCentral or to speak to a sales representative, visit or call (800) 930-7945.

CONTACT: Stephanie Friedman of Spiralgroup, (408)-358-6906,


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