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Cinema Arts Entertainment
Contact: Keith Selin, Director
Email  Phone: 310-550-1085   Fax: 310-550-1182
    Address: 9350 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 203, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Cinemaphile Amalgamated Pictures
Contact: Rick Mitchell
    Phone: 323-939-9042   Fax: 323-939-9042
    Address: P.O. Box 8054, Universal City, CA 91618

City Lights Pictures
City Lights produces films, television shows, commercials, and is a major post production facility in New York
    boasting Avid Editing suites with an all Avid Unity Shop.
    Contact: President - Danny Fisher
    Email  Phone: 212-679-4400 ext.3015  fax: 212-679-3819
    Address: 6 East 39th Street,  New York, NY 10016

Chick Flicks
   Produces films with female protagonists. Produced Neurotica and Tales Not Be Told.
    Contact: Michele Brennan, Creative Executive
    Phone: 310-854-5811   Fax: 310-854-1824
    Address: 116 N. Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

Produces movies with an edge and female-driven films. Produced Eyes of the Wicked, Play With Fire.
Contact: Helen Baines, Story Editor.
    Phone: 310-399-8881   Fax: 310-392-1323
    Address: 2110 Main St., Suite 302, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Connection III Entertainment Corp.
    Email  Phone: 323-653-3400   Fax: 323-653-1403
    Address: 8489 West 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA 90048

Corra Films, Inc.
Independent film production company.
    President - Henry Corra
    Email  Phone: 212-965-8600  Fax: 212-965-8660
    Address: 197 Grand Street, #7W,  New York, NY 10013

Cornerstone Films, Inc.
Film production, animation and marketing company.
    Phone: 209-521-9389  Fax: 209-521-9399
Address: 2842 Iowa Avenue, Modesto, CA 95358

    New York-based production company for television productions, feature films, commercials and music videos.
    Email  Phone: 1-718-948-1650
    Address: PO Box 080054, Staten Island, New York 10308
Long established internationally known TV, film and new media production company.

Glass Bullet Productions
    Independent digital film production company providing a complete moving image service including scripting,
    event capture, editing and DVD authoring for showreels, corporate productions, shorts, features, educational
    and promotional video.
    Email  Phone: 07969-515-648

Hollyhood Productions
HollyHood Productions, Inc. is a movie production company co-founded by Adel L. Morales, Julio Antonio
    Toro, and Frankie Villanueva. The company's mission is to develop and produce both shorts and feature films,
    as well as other visual narratives, that speak from an under-represented urban demographic.
    Email  Hollyhood Productions Blog Site
Address: 4568 Manhattan College Parkway, 4I, Bronx, New York 10471

Hollywood Spec Agency
Pitch videos, expos, pitch fests, film funding, production companies.
    Email  Phone: 1-800-350-9581
Address: 5419 Hollywood Blvd., Ste C #345, Hollywood, CA 90027

Kismet Films
New York-based feature film and commercial production company.
    Email  Phone: 212-366-5337  Fax: 212-579-3585
    Address: 611 Broadway, Suite 616, New York, NY 10012

KO-MAR Productions
Full service high definition video production company. We work with all types of clients
    in South Florida and around the world. And we produce all types of projects from
    prime time television commercials and national sports shows to local broadcast programs and corporate
    Email:  Phone: 561-671-3745  Fax: 561-671-3750
    Address: 1100 Banyan Boulevard, West Palm Beach, FL 33401

Nikitova Animation
    Full-service film animation production company.
Email  Phone: 773-913-8015  Fax: 773-442-0693
Address: 1110 Jorie Blvd. Suite 200 Oak Brook, Chicago, Illinois 60523


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