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Black Hawk Down (2001 War) Screenplay by Ken Nolan.
The Deer Hunter (1978 War) Screenplay by Deric Washburn.
Memphis Belle (1990 War) Screenplay by Monte Merrick.
The Patriot (2000 War) Screenplay by Robert Rodat.
The Patriot (2000 War) Screenplay by Robert Rodat.
Pearl Harbor (2001War) Screenplay by Randall Wallace.
Platoon (1986 War) Screenplay by Oliver Stone.
Saving Private Ryan (1998 War) Screenplay by Robert Rodant & Frank Darabont.

Stalag 17 (1953 War) Screenplay by Billy Wilder and Edwin Blum.
Story of G. I. Joe (1945 War) Screenplay by Leopold Atlas, Guy Endore and Philip Stevenson.
Stryker's War (1985 War) Screenplay by Josh Becker.
The Thin Red Line (1998 War) Screenplay by Terrence Malick (based on the novel by James Jones).
Three Kings (1999 War) Screenplay by John Ridley.
Three Kings (1999 War) Screenplay by David O. Russell (story by John Ridley).
Three Kings (1999 War) Screenplay by David O. Russell and John Ridley.
Under Fire (1983 War) Screenplay by Clayton Frohman and Ron Shelton.


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