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Hands-On Producer WantedWriter/Producer with controversial int'l conspiracy thriller and financing ($14 million U.S) seeks seasoned hands-on producer who can navigate talent agents and studio distribution.


Seek Comedy screenwriting partner based in Los Angeles
Ten year comedy spec writing vet with several options seeks hard working and dedicated co-writing partner to work with over the internet.
Web site:


Hi! I've written a 700 page (to date) continuing series for hopefully episodic television. I am not a writer, I have a story to tell and need a collaborator to pull it all together. The potential is there for a book or screenplay, the know how isn't. I am looking for someone who writes in the Boca Raton Florida area to work with personally, emailing doesn't work with me. The story is about a talented gay young man who goes from a meeger existance to untold riches and what a ride he has along the way. He deals with all that life can throw at him and still manages to stay true to himself and those he loves. Hope your out there Jim


Seeking to work with a serious writer (a WGA writer) Male and female welcome
I have alot of projects I'm working on now. I need a male writing partner for some intense action and crime drama stories and other genres. While I need a female writing partner to help me write some cool comedy and serious female action stories and other genres. I can't pay for this partnership. Just need to join the WGA. And have fun writing hard. I have a website with some writing samples on it. Check it out at:
Web site:


Young Writer Seeking Partner/Mentor
I am a young writer living in Ontario Canada. I currently have one completed feature length screenplay and another 5 or so that are in various states of completion. I am currently seeking someone with industry experience, connections, or an agent, to 1) help get the completed script published and 2) collaborate on future projects. Anyone interested please send me an e-mail


Film Producer Seeks Talented Director
We need a film director who can bring "Encoded," a screenplay nearing completion,
to life on the screen. Principle photography will take place in Pittsburgh. Please contact
D. J. Sekelik for further details.


Ideas For Cult Films
I am no script writer. However, I have some good ideas for about 4 films and one series. I need someone who is good at writing scripts, someone who maybe has just left collage or can help me develop a script. So, if you have writer's block or you just want to work on new ideas with me, please email me. I am willing to travel anywhere in the world to achieve this as I believe in these stories and I believe two of them will achieve cult status.


Desperately seeking Susan? (well, maybe)
Actually, I'm looking for a screenwriter to collaborate with in the Orange County, CA (preferably North Orange County, but I won't turn down someone from South Orange County. Or even someone from LA county if you're willing to drive).


 Seeking Commited And Motivated Screenwriting Collaborator
I am a beginning writer, with a series pilot and two dramatic shorts. I need a committed and motivated screenwriting partner to help me develop the shorts into feature length films and possibly work on other projects.


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