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An Interview With Literary Agent Caren Bohrman recently spoke with Caren Bohrman, one of the most successful and experienced literary agents in the film industry. Her career spans over two decades, and she has helped bring many films from script to screen.

Bohrman gives personal attention to the screenwriters she represents. She spends time getting to know them and their work. This enables her to match screenplays with producers who are seeking scripts for production. (Q): Which screenplays have you sold and gotten produced?

Caren Bohrman (CB): I have been agenting for about twenty years, and in that period of time, I have been involved with over 175 screenplays that have gotten produced. It's everything from The Fugitive to the film, Warlock . There was Crazy/Beautiful, Buckaroo Banzai, and The United States Of Leland. We're presently doing Used Guys, Moving Elliot, Twice Burned, and a remake of the movie, Ten.
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