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Creating A Theme For Your Screenplay....12/8/04
Every great screenplay has a theme, which is the message of the story. The theme of the film, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, is that our ability to feel and express the emotion of love is what makes us human. Read More

Creating An Inciting Incident For Your Screenplay ....12/7/04
Aspiring screenwriters are often told to create an inciting incident for their screenplay. The problem is that screenwriters don't always know what this incident is and why they need it. Read More

Creating Action In Your Screenplay ....12/6/04
For screenwriters, it's extremely challenging to create a series of  logical and compelling actions for characters in a screenplay. It's easy to reach an impasse where you can't decide what the protagonist (hero) in your story should do next. Read More

Outlining Scenes For Your Screenplay ....12/5/04
Aspiring screenwriters eventually learn that great screenplays contain well-developed plots. Outlining each scene in your script is the key to creating a good plot structure. Read More

Create Believable Characters For Your Screenplay ....12/3/04
Creating believable characters is the key to writing a great screenplay. It's also the most challenging aspect of screenwriting. There are, however, techniques for developing characters who are life-like. Read More

Creating A Screenplay Concept ....12/1/04
Every great screenplay begins with a story concept. For writers, it can often be a daunting task to create this concept. There's nothing more difficult than inventing conflict, characters, and action, and molding them into a beginning, middle, and end. Read More

Conflict In Your Screenplay ....11/30/04
Just as you must give your screenplay a main conflict in order to make your story exciting, so too must you create a main obstacle that your protagonist (hero) will struggle to overcome. Read More

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