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Daily Screenwriting Tips
Creating A Fast-Paced Script ....1/25/05
The film, Cellular, creates a fast pace by weaving a story around characters who must complete specific tasks and overcome obstacles within a limited period of time. Read More

Writing A Screenplay For The Comedy Genre ....1/14/05
A long-standing, continuing trend in comedy films is a storyline based on the antics of dysfunctional people. Consider the current box office hit, Meet The Fockers, a sequel to Meet The Parents . And past successes like As Good As It Gets, Animal House, The Addams Family, and The Royal Tenenbaums share common elements. Read More

Film News

Cable TV Stations Honor African American Filmmakers ....1/19/05
The cable TV stations, HBO (Home Box Office) and Black STARZ!, are both honoring African American filmmakers in unique ways this year. Read More

Filmmakers Nominated For Awards ....1/18/05
The Writers Guild of America (WGA), Directors Guild of America (DGA), American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), and American Cinema Editors (ACE) have released their lists of nominees for awards ceremonies they are holding early this year. Read More

Horror Film To Use Characteristics Of Video Game ....1/11/05
Recreating stories and characters from popular video games is becoming a film industry trend. Films such as Resident Evil and House of the Dead were both based on video games. Read More

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