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10/23/03 Character Development In the screenplay for the film,
"Final Destination,"
high school student Alex Browning (Devon Sawa), is defined as the protagonist by the way in which he tries to save six people from death. More

10/17/03 Character Development The screenplay for the film, "Fearless," uses the protagonist, Max Klein (Jeff Bridges), and his struggle to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder as tools for developing the main characters in the story. More

10/3/03 Character Development William Goldman's screenplay for the film, "The Ghost and The Darkness," uses the concept of duality to define Colonel John Patterson (Val Kilmer) and Remington
(Michael Douglas), two characters who battle a pair of man-eating lions that are killing members of a bridge-building crew in Tsavo, Africa.

9/23/03 Genre William Peter Blatty's screenplay for
"The Exorcist"
is part of a sub-genre of horror known as the religious thriller. More