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Date: 7/1/04

An exclusive interview with development executive Laurie Scheer

Laurie Scheer 


How To Sell Your Screenplay: An Interview With Film Insider Laurie Scheer 

By Glenn Bossik
Creative Careers In Hollywood spoke with media guru Laurie Scheer, a professional script consultant who has worked as a high-level development executive and producer for companies such as Viacom and Showtime, as well as for leading actresses like Meg Ryan.

Laurie's recently published book, Creative Careers in Hollywood: From Extra Girls to Errand Boys (Allworth Press, 2002), gives writers her insider's view of Hollywood and what it takes to succeed there. "Are you saying that the film industry is accessible?"

Laurie Scheer:
"Right. [The new generation of filmmakers are] not coming from families that are show-business oriented. In fact, they're coming from good Mid-Western families. They got in their cars and went out there [to LA]. One is a junior agent at CAA. Another one is head of Disney story. Another one is a producer on the Universal lot. These kids are about 27, 28-years-old. They'll be fine. And none of them had any connections. They're just normal, hard-working kids, extremely talented in what they do, but working hard. If I can do it, they can do it. If you make that 110% effort, there's no reason why you can't sell your script."

Learn how to sell your script by reading the complete interview with Laurie Scheer. 

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